Wednesday, June 16, 2010

target 6/14/10

I had fun shopping at target. I made 2 little minor mistakes. I got one of the wrong things. Also, my target wouldn't take a bogo manu. coupon with a target bogo free coupon.

I bought 11 items, used 15 coupons. Total before coupons was $37.36. I used $29.94 in coupons, and got a free item that took off $3.64!!

Pampers wipes $2.39
-$2.00 from 6/6/10 p&g
final price- $.39

Glade spray $3.49
- $1.00 that came on the product
-$2.00 target coupon
Final price- $.49

Clean & Clear $2 (price cut)
-2 printable
Final price- free

Clean & Clear $2 (price cut)
-2 printable
Final price- free

Nivea Shaving cream $3.49
- $2.00 6/12/10
- $2.00 target printable
Final Price- $.51 overage

Scrubbing bubble toilet gel $3.94
- bogo scrubbing brush refills free $3.94
- $1.00 manu
Final price- $2.94 for both

2 Armor all leather car wipes $4.24 x2 = $8.48
- 2 $2.00 off armor all (become a fan of them on facebook and you can print two)
-$3.00/2 target web coupon
Final price- $1.48 for both

buy a dove deodorant get a free body mist
$3.99 for a double pack deodorant
$3.64 for a body mist
-$2.00 dove printable coupon
-$2.00 dove printable coupon
-$1.00 dove target coupon
Final Price- $1.01 overage
(The cashier scanned my $2.00 dove coupon twice, and forgot to scan my other $1.00 coupon.)

Subtotal- $3.78 + $1.42 tax = $5.20
Saved $42.81!!

Then I went to CVS.
I got 2 gillette body washes $4.00 each
- bogo gillete body wash
Final Price $4.00 for both

Cvs wipes $1.74 clearance

Teething toys for my new baby $.74

Used $5.00 ECBs Spent $1.18 got back $8.00 ECBs!!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Taking a break

I'm taking a break from blogging for right now. I'm not sure how long of a break its going to be. My last post was 3/15, and its already the 23rd, and i have not got another post. I just dont have as much time as I would like with it. This is not going to be forever, just for a little while, maybe a couple more weeks, maybe a month. I'll be back, and I hope all of you will still be here!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Laundry Detergant

Great deal going on at publix for the week off 3/11-17/10

Tide Laudnry Detergant $15.79
Downy fabric softner $4.89
Tide Stain Remover $6.99

Buy the top 2 get $6.00 off, buy all 3 get $8.00 off.
Use a $5/25
Use $1.00 off tide
Use $1.00 off Downy fabric softner
Use $3.00 off Tide Stain Remover

Total $9.85 for all three

Mail Box Week of 3/15-20/10

The mail man came to my house twice today! I was a lucky girl! I got quite a bit in the first round, but when he came back, I got stuff I didnt even know I was getting!

First time around
Crest 3D white strips with $11 in coupons,
Free Little Debbie snack coupon (from a complaint)
Post it tabs, with a $1.00 off coupon
$5.00 off clorox toiletwand

Second time around
Nature Vally Granola Nut Clusters (full size bag)(so yummy) & a Chewy Trail Mix bar
From P&G I got 3 diapers, and 1 load of tide with febreze
Along with 5 different coupons
Prices ranging from $1 - $4

Pantene (finally)
Stay Free Pad (just one, usually its like 2 or 3) with a $1.00 off coupon

Come back tomorrow and see what I got!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

my trip to cvs

I was so excited today about the cvs deodorant deal, that I walked to cvs since I dont have a car, and every one works today. There was 2 reason why I didnt want to wait till later, I had a coupon for $3/15, and I didnt want them to be gone, if everyone else was getting 6 at a time, I'm sure they would go pretty fast.
I look on about 10 different blogs to find good deals for cvs, walgreens, walmart, and target.
I seen how a couple differnt ones were saying how you could pay $6/6 deodorant, or $.15 each, and so on, so I went and I printed coupons. (I am almost out of ink, and my ink is expensive) So, I stroll my son down to CVS, about a 25 minute walk one way, to discover that the other bloggers didnt have all the information to the sale. The coupons they were saying to print, were not for the items on sale. It was a pretty big bummer :(. I was disappointed. I just ended up getting a newspaper, and a single roll of CVS paper towels. (They gave me $1.00 coupon when I scanned my card @ the scanner.) Atleast I got some exercise out of the whole thing. Just remember yes bloggers try to help you as much as they can, sometimes they dont always know all the information up front, like me. Just be careful!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So, I finally got to CVS this week. I wanted to get a toothbrush, but they were all out :(. This usually happens to me because I ALWAYS wait till last minute. hehe.

Anyways i spent $2.11 oop total
Saved $13.14
Still have $3 EBS

Transaction 1
nivea lip gloss $2.99
payed with $3 EBS, paid $.13 (tax) oop
Got back $2.99 ECB

Transaction 2
pantene 2/$6.97
use $3/2 P&G 3/7/10
Dawn Liquid $.97
- $.50 save a lot coupon
Final Price $4.44
Used $2.99 from above
Final Price- $1.46 + $.52(tax)= $1.98 oop
Got back $2.00 RR

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Walgreens Deals 3/14-20/2010

Page 1

Spend $10 or more in revlon proudcts recieve $5 RR
This week revlon products will be %40 off.
There are tons of coupons.
3 from the 2/21 SS 1 $2.00 off, 2 $1.00 (one of these happen to be a walgreens coupon)
There are a couple differnt ones in the 3/7 SS
Final Price- Varies but should be pretty cheap indeed!

Reeses Egg $.39
Can always use this as a great filler item.
They are normally $.50 each!

Hersheys candy bars $.49 in ad coupon

Page 2
Coupon for bogo Free Purex $5.99 in ad coupon

Soft Scrub $2.99
- $1.50 SS 3/7
Final Price- $1.49

Page 3

White Castles $3.00
-.50 SS (not sure the date, 1/24 or later)
Final Price $2.50

Gold Medal Flour $1.50
- $.75 printable on
Final Price $.75

Page 8

Axe shower gel bogo 50% off

Old Spice & Secret deoderant $2.29 In ad coupon
- $.50 save a lot coupon book
Final Price $1.79

Page 9

Dental Care
Oral B toothbrush, Crest Toothpaste, scope mouthwash 2/$7 Get back $2RR

Scenario # 1
Buy 2 toothbrushes
Use bogo free Coupon from P&G 3/7
Pay $3.50 oop
Get back $2RR

Scenario # 2
Buy Toothpaste & Scopre
use 1 $1.00 off toothpaste 2/21 P&G
Use $.75 off scope mouthwash 2/21 P&G
Final Price $5.25
Get back $2 RR

Dentek $1.99 90ct
- $1.00 dentex sample
Final Price- $.99

Rimmel 50% off
Not use of any coupons

Page 10
Spend $10 on select first aid items recieve $3 RR

Scenario # 1
Buy 2 Bandaids $3.00 Each
Buy 1 Neosporin $4.00
Use 1 $3.00 off one Bandaid & Neosporin item
Final Price $7.00 oop Get back $3RR

Playtex Tampons $6.99
(Coupon should be in this sunday paper)
Get back $2 RR
Final Price- $$$

O.B Tampons $3.99 in ad coupon
- $1.00
Final Price $2.99

Excedrin Bogo Free*
If you still have your get a free coupon from excedrin
you should be able to get both for free or a really cheap price, depending on the maximum value of free coupon
* must be of same price

Halls Cough Drops $1.29 with in ad coupon
Make sure you hand over your coupons this way, you should be able to get them for less.
Use bogo free coupon
Then use the walgreens in ad coupon
Final Price- both should be less the $1.29

Page 14

Walgreens Single use camera with flash bogo free $5.99
I think there is a coupon in the march coupon book. (I cant find mine right now)

Page 16
Colgate Toothpaste $3.99
- $1.00 SS 3/7
Get back $3.99 RR
Final Price $1.00 overage

Kleenex facial tissue $.89
- $.55 off 3
Final Price $2.12 for 3

Fructis $2.49
- $1.00 3/7 RP
Final Price $1.49

When I think of more deals, I'll post them under here!
Have fun

Monday, March 8, 2010

Walgreens 3/7/10

Yesterday I went to walgreens! What a surprise! I've been going to walgreens quite a bit lately. I cant help if they are having really good deals, and I like to spend money on something I dont need. Hopefully you are not like that, and you only buy what you need! Anyways,

Glade Sense & Spray $5.99
- $3 Printable
- $2 Walgreens March Book
Final Price $.99

Glade Sense & Spray $5.99
- $3 Printable
- $2 Walgreens March Book
Final Price $.99

2 Gatorade G2 $3.98
-2 .50 Newspaper coupon
- $1.98 Walgreens in ad coupon
- $1.00 Walgreens paper coupon
Final Price- Free

2 Eclipse Gum $1.30
- $1.00 Walgreens March Coupon Book
Final Price- $.30 for both

2 Nestle Crunch Bar $1.59
Bogo Free - $.70
- $.61 Walgreens in ad
Final price $.28 for both

Oreos $.99
I went with my brother, and I had $2 RR to use, and needed a filler item, so I put his oreos under my transacion,(I got my $1.00 back)

Total $3.55 Payed with $2 RR Subtotal $1.55 + $1.06 tax = $2.61 - $1.00(from my brother) Total $1.61

Payed $2.61, saved $27.77, coupon $15.70

Going to submit my $5.00 SC Johnson rebate.
Making $4 and change!