Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Free Jet Dry

Walgreens is having a deal for Jet Dry
Right now a 20 pack is $3.49
Save $2.50 on jet dry in sundays paper
Get $1.00 register rewards.
Final price $.01 over
You will have to pay $.99 + tax, but it comes out to be free once you get your register rewards!

So here is a senerio I came up with to get good stuff for only $7.00

Tansaction #1 buy cereal and oatmeal pay $7.00
Get $2.00 register rewards.

Transaction #2 Use your register rewards to buy suave shampoo and jet dry pay only tax and get $1.00 register rewards

Transaction #3 Use your register rewards to buy suave conditoner. pay only tax

So all in all, you'd be buying 2 boxs of kellogs cereal, oatmeal, jet dry, and suave shampoo and conditioner for only $7.00.

There are a couple other ways you can spend your money and register rewards, but this is the way I'm going to be spending mine. Hope this helps make your shopping trip easier!!

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