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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Help me, Help you earn money

This is part one in a 3 part series.
Have you ever heard of swagbucks? No, Thats surprising. Swagbucks is a search engine like yahoo and google. The only difference is that for some of your searchs you'll earn a thing called swagbucks. They range from 1 buck to 5 usually. Redeem your bucks for cool prizes. You can get all sorts of things. The two that most people get are the $5.00 amazon gift card, and the $5.00 deposit into your paypal for 70 bucks. I've personally have never got a $5.00 amazon gift card, but I've got 3 $5.00 deposits into my paypal, and I have enough to cash in for another one. It can usually take about 2 or 3 weeks to make 45 bucks for a $5.00 amazon gift card. Not bad right? What I usually do is instead of using the address bar, I go to and I type in either facebook or myspace or yahoo. Remember to read the rules and everything else. They have a section that says what to do and what not to do on facebook. Another one of their rules is only one account per household. What are you waiting for? Doesnt this sound great? I've made $15.00 so far, about to make another $5.00. So really what are you waiting for? Sign up here:

There is one rule that I have to mention here. You can not share a swagcode. If you find a swagcode make sure not to tell anyone. Telling someone a swagcode is grounds for deactivation. We dont want that happening to anyone. So make sure you follow the rules! Now go get started earning some swag!

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