Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My shopping adventure

When I first saw that target was having free nivea body wash, I wanted to get some well because it was free. I looked around all the blogs I read to see what they were saying about deals are target. I was able to pick up some pretty cheap stuff, and even a lot of free stuff, and I even made $.70 so that was awesome!
I made two transactions and this is the one I made money on.

2 johnson & Johnsons travel size shampoos $.99-
2 save $1.00 coupons
final price- both for free

Buddie soap - $.97
Save $1.00 from 1/3/10
Final Price- $0.03

Energy star light bulb $2.44-
1 target coupon save $1.50, &
1 manufacturer coupon save $1.00
Final Price- $0.06 overage

Nivea body wash $2.99-
1 target coupon $1.00, &
1 manufacturer coupon save $2.00
Final Price- Free

Kotex Liners $1.02
Save $1.00 from kotex sample
Final Price- $0.02

8 Count Bandaid $0.97
Save $1.00 from 1/3/10
Final Price- $.03 overage

I had to pay $1.37 and so when I got to my car, I relized the cashier didnt take two of my coupons. I went back to costumer service, and they wouldnt take my two save $1.00 on the johnson and johnson travel size shampoo, so I got my money back. I got back $2.07. Like I said a second ago, I only paid $1.37. I made $0.70 on that order. No idea how, but I did.

Second Transaction:
Gerber blanket sleepers (2 pk) - $4.98 (on clearance)
Save $1.00 target coupon
Final Price - $3.98

Tidy Cats 10 lbs kitty litter $1.77
Save $1.00 target coupon
Final Price - $.77

Blistex $1.04
Save $0.35 on 1 1/17/10
Final Price - $0.69

2 Chefboyardee $0.82 each
Save $1.00 on 2, inside banquet dinner
Final Price - $0.64

Final Price out of pocket: $5.82

I also went to wal-mart got two things of tuna for free.
I print a coupon from vocal point to save $1.00
I also got a coupon in the mail that was buy one get one free.
Two pouches of tuna for free!
Dont forget to check to print coupons from what I said were target coupons!

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