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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Parenting Magazine

Parenting magazine is a very good magazine for any type of parent. Weither you are a first time parent or you have 3 or 4. It gives you great ideas for just about anything. There might be nights when your laying in bed thinking this is only happening to me. Chances are they are not only happening to you. The Parenting magazine talks about to many issues, and day to day problems. Take a look for your self. Here is a two year subscription, for only $3.99 shipped. It could be even a $1.00 cheaper. Some people have announced that they have got it for $2.99 others have said $3.99. I wonder what price you'll find! Thank Theresa for the magazine deal!

Oh man. I almost forgot to give you the code. Type in Code 1b62 at checkout and see just how much the price drops!

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