Monday, January 4, 2010

Sample box 1

I have a box full of samples, that I've gotten but have not used yet. I'm writing this post, in hope to share with you, that you can get samples from just about any where and for just about anything.

I've got two kotex sample packages. Recieved my second one today. Inside it includes, 2 tampons (super & regular), a panty liner, an overnight ultra thin pad with wings, and an over night maxi pad. Comes with two coupons, save $1.00 on and kotex product, and save $1.00 on kotex pads. Kotex panty liners are only $1.00 at wal-mart, so you have your self some free panty liners.

Free condoms. From trojan, and another website, that I'm unsure of because my husband requested them.

Scott extra soft toilet paper 1 whole roll from walmart

A little package of viva paper towels, with a coupon but I havnt opened it yet, so I dont know for how much or when it expires. from walmart

2 always infnity pads (no coupon booh)

Tons of shampoo and conditoner: (samples) 2 head & shoulders, 2 dove, aveeno

Body loiton: dove, care line, bodycology

Crest toothpaste, a one time only sample

Crest floss pick

Olay anti aging body wash

Skintimate shaving gel

Feminine wash

Zyrtec with a $2.00 off coupon that I just tore up.


DenTec floss picks

Health benifits for dummies

A box of betty crocker mash potatoes

A full size bag of Nature Valley Nut Clusters

A sample box of honey nut cheerios

A sample box of kashi

Many sample bars of different foods.

And much more. Over the past year, I've recieved so much free stuff in my mailbox its so unbelivable. The mailbox has become my best friend second to my son of course. I get so happy when the mail comes, but so sad when there is nothing in there for me. Worst of all, sundays is the worst day because the mail doesnt come at all. I'm not the only one I request free samples for either. I request them for my family too. When I find free samples, not matter what they are, I'll let you know. A sample might not seem good to me, but it could be a great sample for somebody else. I'll keep my eyes & ears open, and hopefully you'll be able to live a little better, if not a lot better!

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