Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Publix & CVS

I was at publix today looking for coupons. I actually found quiet a few! The best one I think I found was save $1.00 on any johnson & johnson product. I got 3 coupons! I will be using my 3 coupons at cvs, all at a different time! Do you use a reusuable bag? I do, but only at cvs. If you bought a green bag tag for $.99, every 4th visit, you make $1.00. What I do, is I go there and buy little items, or free + tax items. Eventually, they add up, and I get my $1.00 with paying very little. Usually its $.80 for a newspaper. (half off after monday)

I've made $2.00 from the reusable bag. Today I bought, 1 newspaper, 2 sobe life waters, and tooth paste. I spent $1.21 oop. Got back $2.00 extra bucks.
Tomorrow, I will be going to cvs and buying something assuie with my coupon for save $1.00, plus my $2.00 extra bucks. Total oop will probably just be tax, my cvs charges tax even if the product is free. Boohoo :( I will be getting $2.00 extra bucks back. That means it will be free! I love the way all this works! I'm so glad I learn all this from diferent blogs. It truly is awesome!

I'm pretty stocked up on toothpaste now! I've gotten 3 toothpaste for $1.73. Thats less then the price of 1! I will also get the walgreens toothpaste tomorrow for $.50 at most!

Now the one problem I do have, is spending money on something even if I dont need it. I will get something for free, but I hate spending money on something if i dont need it, even though I sometimes do it anyways. Which is why I usually wait till last minute, then the store is out, I get a little bumbed, but then I relized, I didnt need the product! Horray for me.

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