Tuesday, March 2, 2010

My walgreens $5.00 Challenge

Walgreens was out of a lot of stuff, and I forgot two coupons at home. I was pretty sad, I hope to go back tomorrow, or maybe even tonight.

To start this off, I have $6.00 in register rewards. I got them all from the excedrin last week! I have a great big stock pile of pills from these last two weeks, and i probably wont use any. Thats not the point. I cant resits a deal.

Everything I got today, I did not need. I got simply because I cant resits a good deal.

Transaction # 1
Lady Speed Stick $1.99
-$.75 coupon from
Shaving Cream $1.29 (filler item)
-.30 in ad coupon.
Total $2.23
Payed with $2.00 Register Rewards
Final Price oop- $.43 ($.20 was tax)
Got back $1.00 RR for Lady Speed Stick

Transaction # 2
(2) Star Bucks Frap $3.98
-$1.48 in ad coupon
- 2 $1/1 coupons
Final Price- $.50/2

(2) Hershey Big Bars $2/2
-$1 newspaper coupon
$1/2 March Coupon Book
Final Price- Free

Tylenol PM 20-24 ct $2.99
- $1.50 March Coupon Book
- $1.00 Newspaper coupon
Final Price-$.49

Motrin pm 20ct $2.99
- $1.50 March Coupon Book
- $1.00 Newspaper coupon
Final Price-$.49

Total- $1.48
Payed with $1.00 RR
Final Price oop- $.61 ($.13 was tax)

Total spent with both transactions $1.04
Still have $4.00 RR
Total Saved- $22.83


  1. Great Job! I didn't know about the free Hershey bars. Got to LOVE Free chocolate!!!

  2. I think the free Hershey was a florida thing. The insert said 4 pages of savings just for florida, but that was really the only good thing!

  3. what source did you use for the newspaper coupons?

  4. at the beginning I use to clip my coupons and keep them in an envolope, so for some of them I have no idea. Now I start keeping them in a folder all snug together.