Friday, January 1, 2010

How all of this has changed my life

Clipping coupons, and price matching, and looking online for the best deals, and all these different things make me feel like I'm so old. I'm only 18. I would have never known about anything like this if it wasnt for The Tyra Show. She did an episode of The F word. FREE. She has two women on the show, that have helped me out so much. Wendy over at and Heather over at I have won quite a few things from entering contest, and sweepstakes, and instant win games. I would say since may, I've won a grand total of about $500.00. It wasnt plan cash, but I was able to get every one something for christmas and spent very little of my own money. It was a wonderful christmas this year! A big thanks to Heather also, who has introduces me to so many freebies, everything from diapers, to full size food products. I love going out and checking the mail box. I never know what to expect, weither its going to be full of goodies, or empty. Its always a warm feeling when I see something great in the mail box and it has my name on it! I've recieved quite a few full size products in the mail. I've alsp received products to test out and tell them weither I like them or not. I'm making all kinds of list, and I have a notebook thats going to be full by the end of the year. Why use a notebook now, I can just use my new blog! Ah! This is going to be awesome, hopefully.

Coupons Inc.

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