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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Help me, help you earn money pt 2

This is part two of the four part series. It was going to be a three part series, but i found a different way for the both of us to make some money!

I am a member of ebates. Ebates is an online company that before you go and purchase something online, you go to ebates and you get cash back for your purchases. It does not include taxes or shipping. (i learned that the hard way hehe.) You get a $5.00 sign on bonus, and if you refer a friend you also get another $5.00. To get your $5.00 sign on bonus, you must make a $5.00 or more purchase before your experation date. Same with your refer a friend. To get your $5.00 refer a friend bonus, they must make a purchase of $5.00 or more within the month of them signing up! They pay you every 3 months. You can either get a check in the mail or a payment to paypal. Every cash back amount is different. Dont forget when you sign up mention my name when signing up.

Sign up here:

Heres part 1 incase you missed it!

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